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Full Auto 2: Battlelines Game

·         Groups of Programmer: Deep Fried Entertainment (PSP), Pseudo Interactive (PS3)

·         Symphonist(s): Michelle Frey

·         Formulator(s): Paul Dobson  

·         Craftsperson(s): David Feltham

·         Issuer(s): Sega

·         The scientists(s): Jason Hasenbuhler

·         Series: Full Auto

·         Layout(s): PS3, PS Portable

Launch date   


NA: December 7, 2006

EU: March 23, 2007

AU: March 23, 2007


NA: March 20, 2007

AU: March 29, 2007

EU: March 30, 2007

·         Themes(s)       Car-based war games

·         Play Form(s)   One-man player, Divided window Multiplayer, Online Mega player


Full Auto 2: Battlelines is the second series of Full Auto games & available for play on PS Portable & PS3, an idea from Deep Fried Entertainment on the aspect of PSP and Pseudo Interactive on the aspect of PS3. Sega issues the game.

Drawing on the winding up of Pseudo Interactive as of the year 2008, the internet supercomputers for Full Auto 2 not any more had a way of continuing. On July 16, 2014, the internet supercomputers were now absolutely brought to a stop. 


 The Game mechanics

Full Auto game 2 pins down a similar switch setting to that of Xbox 360 format. The points configuration observed with the initial game is no longer there, while the boosts for the handgun forward-facing & back are displayed therein.

In addition, full Auto 2 puts up Barracks base (just for online) such that a squad has to protect the barracks, whereas others can blast & ruin their Antagony, along with their barracks.

During one player mode, you must make it through to the grand finale of the round according to a specific time or devastate a set number of components or cars in line to hit prizes. There are scenarios that a player has no other choice than to finish up a sprint by ensuring an accomplice prevails the rounds or time set aside.

The Career play-form has to do with the fact that a player finishes through its main tasks/motives to forge ahead the stage that often requires keeping an accomplice safe, completing a marathon first, or slaughtering a handpicked prey. The prey is, at times, mighty warfare, whereby just some in the game, in rare cases during major warfare stages that are somewhat like a combatant field.

You have an alternative to finishing up your subsidiary tasks at every level; however, you would have to finish up the main activities initially before achieving the grand finale of the subsidiary tasks towards earning. The game makes account of subsidiary tasks at all times, which often are 3 in number.

After you finish up the specified main activities, you can probably earn a prize either with ammunition or car & perhaps you successfully finish up the allotted counts of subsidiary tasks. For example, you could secure armament, car strips made up of different color designs.  

Digest – The overall play theme  

The theme of the Career play-form found in the PS3 format engages SAGE; this is a living being charged with the responsibility of presiding over the Meridian metropolis (with which the game is arranged throughout catastrophes, brings players on board to confront the dynasties.

The dynasty is a team known to make all effort confiscating & intimidate the metropolis via a car-designed battle contest. Your mission here is to rival, fighting contenders in levels & adversaries (not in groups) along with their aide.

During each conquest, this enables SAGE to assists in finding her guardian accessory, which closes up her mechanics just in case she becomes an antagonist to humankind & recoups her plug-in, which details her apprenticeship profile.

In the long run, as a player, you bump into the dynasty's superintendent known to operate the "S" class ride fighter, having made up of the SAGE's guardian. Immediately the head is conquered & the guardian collapse, SAGE's plug-in becomes stirred up again & all over her apprenticeship profile, perceived by game supposition, making known that the only technique to keep safe humanity from themselves is by their death.

Thus, as a player, you're compelled to wage war against her, with which her plug-in is in a different "S" class ride labeled as Executioner, along with her private troops, then pursues to her hideout. There's an uninhabited command post that she plans to vandalize the Meridian metropolis via ammunitions found within, SAGE then becomes defeated by the player in the long run.

From the PSP format, SAGE is designed as a workstation to assists the creation, instead of just a single town, in opposition to despoilers that had earlier on killed so many souls in the recent years resulting in the current period in time.

While the artificial intelligence had devised possible instructions hurried up and without stress. It’s better of what human can do or even not able to proffer a solution, their reliance on SAGE significantly raised, sooner or later helping her because of this. With respect, car-based battle contests are affiliated with Master/Slave Organization (MSO), a cluster of technologists transformed insurgent followers with which they are on a mission to ensure the discontinuance of SAGE's sovereignty and power.

Having an idea that the war can debilitate SAGE's soul & make it backfire, they can eventually seize the whole universe on their own. A very long time after that, MSO becomes devastated by the warfare they already presided over, absconding from a full-blown dominance to anybody that can preside over either the clash & the Master/Slave Organization.

While playing the game, you swipe in the Master/Slave Organization contests just for their interests instead of helping SAGE. While you must have conquered the opposers in the European region, Americas, & Asia, now this MSO 's superintendent, known as "Nosferatu," is put on display so you can wage war against his hideout being a stronghold in the Baltic region.

Following his conquest, you can permit SAGE to keep up with its position as a safeguard to humanity or allow her ruined, hence bring back humanity to liberty.


·         The PS3 format of Full Auto 2 had different reports with a rating of 67.

·         7.8 – IGN

·         C+ - 1UP

·         7.50 - The game intelligencer

·         5.7 - Game setting

·         The Sydney Morning Herald accorded a 6/10.


The PSP format of Full Auto 2 was not that favorable; it has a rating of 53.

·         6.1 - IGN

·         D- - 1UP

·         7.25 - The game intelligencer

·         4.1 – Game setting