Full Auto video game

·         Design(s): Xbox 360

·         Issuer: Sega

·         Programmer: Pseudo Interactive

·         Theme: 3D Adventure

·         Players to run the game: 1-2 


The full Auto video game is mainly compatible for use with Xbox 360 dashboard issued by Sega.

It's initially programed by Pseudo Interactive like a computer game; it's a car-based battle race machine that puts up wreckable frameworks & (in some specific face-off) a play-form referred to as "Unwreck" that backtracks time should in case you make a false move & would like to give a shot another time.

A series game, Full Auto 2: Battlelines, got programmed specially for PSP & PS3.

The Game mechanics


Full Auto features four car grades. Each of these cars has its unique capabilities, advantages & mishaps. You have Grade A, known to be speedier; however, it's not that hard-wearing & long-continued compared to its equivalents.

Grade B falls to the medium-grade cars with a reasonable level of speed & moderate hard-wearing. Grade C is sluggish, though of a highly hard-wearing grade, and the 4th class is Grade S.

Garde S is the "best" of all the car grades having its engine effective, quick & long-continued. However, be mindful that during online play, every member, notwithstanding the extent they already achieved with the career play-form, can get their hands on all cars of any grade with which the anchor of the ward decides.

Meanwhile, anything harmonious ammunitions are disengaged on a real-time play, pending the player's ability to unlock these firearms in the career play-form.


Available February 2006